Core Values & Beliefs

We are convinced that the key to creating a truly great organization is an intense focus on the values that guide its people actions. These are S CUBE INFOTECH "Core Values and Beliefs".

  • Client Focused Delivery
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Innovation
  • People Growth
  • Openness

Our resources have gained tremendous experience on development.
Our resources have always been very loyal to the clients and have won their laurels at several occasions.
Our resources are reliable for timeline and accuracy of the development work they provide.
Our resources also have also gained graphic designing skills with their experience.
Our resources are expert in providing solution optimization.
Keyideas is a solution provider company involved in the business of providing E commerce solutions to companies in all business domains.
We have a big talent pool to meet the requirements of our clients within the expected timeline.

At S CUBE INFOTECH, we strive constantly to deliver greater and greater tangible business benefits to our clients. S CUBE INFOTECH has a large team of experts in every field encompassing IT Services, Consulting and Process Outsourcing. In addition to strategic consulting, our own internal technology and operational processes have matured to a level where we are able to pass on the time, effort and cost and benefits to our clients.

While the Process Outsourcing industry had its origins in 'cost arbitrage' and 'time zone advantage' factors, at S CUBE INFOTECH. we have evolved beyond these rudimentary benefits. We believe that our value proposition is based on our ability to offer Integrated Technology and Operations (iTOPS) solutions. Our expertise optimizing Technology and Operations spans across the globe and across diverse industry segments. Today our clients rely on us to recommend solutions which optimize technology infrastructure and human resources operations.

For our clients, this leads to business process improvement, greater operational efficiencies, better productivity, improved response time and increase in customer satisfaction and naturally, greater profitability. We have repeatedly delighted our clients around the world and across industry segments through our cutting edge IT services, Consulting services and Business Process Outsourcing services

  • Diversity at S CUBE INFOTECH

    Our highly-qualified, ethnically diverse employee base ensures both delivery excellence and cultural sensitivity.S CUBE INFOTECH. has a diversity index of 11% which is the highest among offshore services providers. Our cultural diversity combined with our highly-qualified workforce is an unmatched combination

  • Innovations at S CUBE INFOTECH

    One of our core Values is 'Innovate'. True to this value we have had several innovations at S CUBE INFOTECH. Some of our key innovations are listed here.

  • Centers of Excellence (COE)

    S CUBE INFOTECH. has achieved domain and technical expertise in many areas through its Centers of Excellence (COE). Yorkia Group Inc. has consistently hired and created teams of experts for the benefit of clients.


    S CUBE INFOTECH. proprietary outsourcing relationship management tool, iSIGHT offers complete visibility into the outsourced process. iSIGHT provides real-time visibility to the outsourced process at an extremely granular level S CUBE INFOTECH. clients monitor the performance and quality of their outsourced services and track Service Level Agreement (SLA) parameters using the iSIGHT dash board.

  • Analytics

    Analytics is a sophisticated data mining technique applicable across numerous industry verticals. S CUBE INFOTECH Analytics provide solutions that address strategic operational issues including Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Loss Mitigation, Process Automation, and Product Development.

Company Profile

Our resources have gained tremendous experience on development. Our resources have always been very loyal to the clients and have won their laurels at several occ

Our Values

Information is a powerful tool for high performance when it is freed from silos and works as a whole. That is why S CUBE INFOTECH, LLC. Information Management Services creates solutions to manage all types of enterprise data at each stage of its lifecycle.

Vision and Mission

It all starts with the needs of our clients. But, their needs are ever changing both due their internal goals as well as derivative of these every turbulent economic environment. S CUBE INFOTECH has built its success around a focus on quality empowered by a team of talented, experienced consultants and a commitment to meeting client needs working within scope and budget.