Sourcing based on Requirements

Sourcing a suitable candidate for a job opening is often a tedious and time consuming activity. Various researches indicate that recruiters in USA & UK spend about 60%-70% of their time in searching resumes on job boards and internal databases. The time spent on this also may not provide the best results. Their valuable time that would have been better utilized in performing higher value added activities like interviewing, networking, cultivating candidate relationships, interacting with clients and account managers to close more business.

Outsource the resume searching activity to S CUBE INFOTECH and let us do all the heavy lifting. While your recruiters focus on more strategic recruiting activities, Ascend Solutions shall:

  • Understand the technical and non-technical hiring parameters for the job opening.
  • Search job boards and your internal candidate database for resumes matching the requirements of the job opening.
  • Filter the candidates based on the defined parameters like experience, skill set, location, rates etc.
  • One more key advantage is that we have access to all major job portal like Dice, Monster Hotjobs and Careerbuilder. We also use several other smaller portals specific to certain requirements.

Outsourcing recruiting activities to S CUBE INFOTECH and having an offshore recruitment team at our Global Sourcing Center in India is a smart business strategy. Recruitment outsourcing to S CUBE INFOTECH offers tremendous business benefits to you:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Increase operational efficiency & productivity
  • Improve quality
  • Increased flexibility
  • Internal recruiting team can focus on higher value added activities

Sourcing from other sources

Job boards are good resources for sourcing the candidates who are actively looking for a job. However, this is only a fraction of the total number of suitable candidates available. Many more 'passive candidates' can be found on the internet, who are good fit for various job openings, but are not actively looking for a job.

S CUBE INFOTECH team will search the internet and collate the database of passive candidates that may be suitable for your various job openings. These candidates are then contacted to validate the accuracy of their information and to get their updated resumes.

These candidates can be your key differentiators in the marketplace. They greatly improve your ability to source the right candidate for the job and help you get more business and increase profits.

Resume Filtering

Companies get a barrage of resumes by way of advertising response generated from job boards, referrals, job fairs, traditional media, agencies etc. S CUBE INFOTECH helps you wade through these resumes and filter them based on your requirements and predefined parameters.

Outsourcing resume filtering tasks to Ascend Solutions enables you to:

  • Quickly and efficiently process all the resumes received
  • Review all responses to ascertain the suitability for the job opening
  • Improving the quality of resumes filtered for job openings
  • Ensuring that all candidates get a fair review
  • Enhance company image by providing appropriate response to all applicants

Candidate Screening

A significant amount of recruiter's time is wasted in pursuing candidates who are either no longer available, not interested, not reachable, not suitable etc. We also try to use a template provided by clients with pre defined questions and send that along with the resume. This will enable your internal team to eliminate candidates who are not good fit for your organization.

S CUBE INFOTECH conducts preliminary screening of candidates to ascertain:

  • Their interest in the job opening
  • Suitability and fit
  • Availability
  • Salary expectations mapping
  • Use client defined templates and send along with resume

S CUBE INFOTECH candidate screening services enable you to focus only on the interested and suitable candidates, build stronger relationships with them and fulfill more requirements in a shorter amount of time.

Candidate Assessment

An increasing number of companies are relying on various technical, aptitude and personality tests to ensure good fit of the candidate for a job opening and to minimize the chances of improper hire.

These tests are not only time consuming and expensive, but also result in increased workload on your in-house recruiting team. S CUBE INFOTECH can help you in managing the candidate assessment process and administer the tests on your behalf.

Recruitment Support

Many aspects of the recruitment process, although very important, are not core to the recruiting operations. They are not only a drain on recruiter's invaluable time and energy, but also have a negative impact on your profits.

S CUBE INFOTECH offshore recruiting team can help you perform these non core recruiting activities from India. Ascend Solutions' recruitment support activities include:

  • Managing job postings
  • Formatting and processing the resumes for submission
  • Timesheet management

Outsourcing the recruitment support tasks to S CUBE INFOTECH, frees up your internal staff of the administrative burden and enables them to focus on core activities that are strategic and important to recruiting business.

Database Upkeep

The internal database of candidates that you have built over a period of time, if utilized well, can be of tremendous value to you. This database can enable you to source candidates which are otherwise not available on job boards. Various studies however indicate, that an overwhelming majority of the recruiters rely more on job boards than on internal database due to the obsolescence of data.

S CUBE INFOTECH database upkeep service helps in making this valuable resource useful to you again by:

  • Re-establish contact with candidates who have not been contacted in quite some time.
  • Update candidate information
  • Source their current and updated resumes
  • Delete unreachable candidates, duplicate & invalid records
  • Keep the database fresh and current on an ongoing basis

By leveraging S CUBE INFOTECH database upkeep services, you can reduce your reliance on job boards, tap passive candidates, maintain relationships with candidates and fulfill more job openings.

Offshore Recruitment Process

S CUBE INFOTECH utilizes its 'SSD Model' (Source-Screen-Deliver) to perform all offshore recruiting tasks to help you find and select the best talent.

Our SSD model for recruitment outsourcing (Depicted in the figure below.) is highly flexible and scalable to accommodate your needs and ensure your success. It gives us the ability to serve you effectively and efficiently. Our offshore recruitment model is based on the philosophy of being proactive and responsive; enabling us to consistently improve candidate quality and reduce the time-to-hire, while significantly lowering your costs.

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